2020 OAPBA standings thru April 8

OAPBA Standings, First  Half 2020
Tsunamis 146.700
Taz Devils106.6252.0
Otters 660.5004.0
Horde 3130.1889.0

Craig Dolan’s Tsunamis continue occupy first place in OAPBA with Dave Larson’s Taz Devils (10-6) and Jonathan Stilwell’s Otters (6-6) in second and third place respectively. Rod Caborn’s Beefers (11-13) are still suffering from the effects of a four-game sweep at the hands of the Tsunamis while the Horde (3-13), now under the interim direction of Marc Bostrom, have had to battle to generate much offense and have struggled in their inaugural season in OAPBA.

Walt Taylor’s Whatevers have yet to take the field in the 2020 season, but the league front office is hopeful they’ll get underway soon.