2020 OAPBA standings thru June 4

OAPBA Standings, First  Half 2020
Tsunamis 186.750
Taz Devils1810.6432.0
Horde 8200.25012.0

Jonathan Stilwell’s Otters (9-7) series win over Dave Larson’s Taz Devils on Memorial Day increased the Asian Tsunami’s lead in the OAPBA first half race to two full games. The Otters, with six series (24 games) remaining are still in the pennant chase, but need to make up some ground to threaten for the lead.

The Tsunamis have an away series remaining at the Taz Devils and home series remaining against the Otters, Whatevers, and Horde.

The Devils have three series left: the Tsunamis at home and two away series at the Otters and Whatevers.

The Otters are on the road against the Devils and Otters, which will be critical in their battle for the first half title. The Furry Ones also have a pair of home series remaining against the Beefers and Whatevers and an away series at the Horde.

Behind the three leaders, Walt Taylor’s offensive-minded Whatevers (9-11) have taken control of fourth place while Rod Caborn’s Beefers (14-22) have slipped into fifth place and have only one more series left in what has been a disappointing first half. The expansion Horde (8-20) have been showing considerable improvement as interim manager Marc Bostrom has grown more familiar with the lineup he inherited when the franchise change management shortly after after the season got underway.

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