OAPBA 2021 second half standings thru September 18

Second halfWLPctGB
Tsunamis 1711.607
Taz Devils1016.3856
Tsunamis3731.5442 1/2
Taz Devils3334.4936
Otters3335.4856 1/2
Whatevers2539.39112 1/2

Craig Dolan’s Tsunamis continue to lead the second half race by a single game. The Beefers rebounded from their series loss to the Whatevers and, this past Saturday morning (Sept. 18) won both ends of their home-and-away series with the Taz Devils

The Tsunamis still have one four-game series left, at the Taz Devils, and then head into the four home-and-away series. The Beefs have completed their four-game series schedule and have only six home-and-away games left, facing the Otters, Whatevers and, in what could be a second half title decider, the Tsunamis.

Jonathan Stillwell’s Otters still have a four-game road series at the Whatevers, followed by their home-and-away schedule. Walt Taylor’s Whatevers (10-14), with their series win over the Beefs, have moved into fourth place, a game ahead of Dave Larson’s Taz Devils, whose record dropped to 10-16 when they lost both ends of their home-and-away series against the Beefers.