Final Standing OAPBA 2021

Second halfWLPctGB
Tsunamis 2317.575
Whatevers 1921.4754
Taz Devils1723.4256
Taz Devils4041.4946
Otters3842.4757 1/2
Whatevers3446.42511 1/2

It’s Tsunamis v Beefers

in the OAPBA World Series’21

Craig Dolan’s Tsunamis clinched a berth in the ’21 World Series Thursday with a two-game home-and-away sweep of Dave Larson’s Taz Devils and split with Rod Caborn’s Beefers. The Asians clinched the second half title with a 10-5 pounding of the Beefers in the first game of their home-and-away.

The Tsunamis, by virtue of their 11-9 record against the Beefers in head-to-head play this past season, will have the home field advantage in the 2021 World Series. Both teams are now preparing to clash some time during the week of Oct. 25.

The Tsunami franchise will be gunning for their first-ever OAPBA title. It will be the third appearance in the World Series for the Tsunami franchise which operated previously as the Road Warriors, under the management from 2003-2018. As the Road Warriors, the franchise was defeated by the Taz Devils in the 2004 World Series.

The Asians have been hoping to return to the Series to make up for their close loss in 2020, when an error by CF Byron Buxton opened the door for the Otters to score the winning run in the seventh game of an incredibly close Series battle.

The Beefers have appeared in the World Series four times and won their only championship in 2014, sweeping Jonathan Stilwell’s Otters. They lost their other three appearances to Joe Passiatore’s powerful Platoon teams in 1997, 2009 and 2012.

The complete list of champions in OAPBA history:

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