2022 OAPBA Second Half standings (Dec 2)

Taz Devils1723.4256

Jonathan Stilwell’s Otters now lead the second half with a 23-17 record…and waiting to see how the Whats fare against the Tsunamis.

The Furry One have completed their remarkable second half run and now have to see what happens when the Whatevers (21-17, one game behind, face the Tsunamis. The Whats need to sweep both ends of the home-and-away series to tie for the lead.

Earlier, the Beefers finished their second half with a disappointing 18-22 record to finish fourth. The Devils, winners by one game in the first half, lost lost 13 of their last 17 games in the second half land in the cellar, but will face whoever wins the second half.

Taz Devils4238.525
Beefers 4238.525
Tsunamis 3937.5131

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