2022 OAPBA Second Half standings (Nov 24)

Taz Devils1721.4474

It’s now a three-team race between the Whats, Otters, and Tsunamis!

Jonathan Stilwell’s red-hot Otters, now 18-16, have closed the gap to only one game behind Walt Taylor’s Whatevers, who continue to hang onto the second half lead with a 20-16 record .Tied with the Otters at a game behind are Craig Dolan’s Tsunamis at 19-17. The Otters have put on a remarkable surge, winning 10 of their last 13 games, to launch themselves into contention.

The Otters sweep of the Taz Devils knocked the Tazzies out of the second half race. dropping them into last place at 17-21, four games out, tied for the cellar position with the Beefers (18-22), whose season is already complete. The Devils have lost 11 of their last 15, suffering through an offensive slump that they’ve simply been unable to shake.

Taz Devils4236.538
Beefers 4238.5251
Tsunamis 3937.5132

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