OAPBA 2021 First half Standings

Team thru April 20WLPctGB
Taz Devils 1412.538
Beefers 119.550

Dave Larson’s Taz Devils (14-12) remain deadlocked in a tie with Rod Caborn’s Beefers (11-9) for the league’s top spot, but both teams are nervously looking over their shoulder as Walt Taylor’s Whatevers (6-6) and the defending champion Otters of Jonathan Stilwell (4-4) are only a game behind.

Craig Dolan’s Tsunamis split their four-game series with the Devils and also split their home and away two-game series against the Devils and are 7-11, three games out.

In what is shaping up as a Battle Royal for the first half, it’s still anyone’s guess who will prevail.

Upcoming on Friday, Apr 22: Tsunamis at Beefers for a four game series, followed by the Tsunami-Beefers home and away series. This is a big series for the Asians as they need to get past .500 to have a shot at the first half title.

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