Devils lead wheeler-dealers in active pre-2021 season trading

The Taz Devils, involved in all four trading deals during he off-season, wrapped up their pre-season roster development plans Wednesday, Feb. 11, sending LF Alex Dickerson to the Tsunamis in exchange for power-hitting, but injury-plagued, outfielder Aaron Judge. The Devils had no apparent plans for Dickerson while Judge is still regarded as a great prospect if he can stay healthy.

The complete trade log leading into the 2021 season:

Nov. 25, 2020 Beefers traded SS Marcus Semien and Beefers 8th round pick (#36) to Devils for OF Jeff McNeil and Devils 11th round pick #53

Jan. 22, 2021 Devils sent C James McCann to Tsunamis for OF Marc Canha

Feb 9 Devils send 2b Donovan Solano to Whatevers for P Zack Wheeler

Feb 11 Devils sent LF Alex Dickerson to Tsunamis for OF Aaron Judge

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