OAPBA 2021 First half Standings

Team thru May 5.WLPctGB
Taz Devils 1412.538

Jonathan Stillwells’s Otters (7-5) series win over Craig Dolan’s Tsunamis (12-15) vaulted the Furry Ones into the league lead this past Monday evening…by percentage points ahead of Dave Larson’s Taz Devils (14-12). Both teams are two games over .500 and lead the Beefers (13-13) and Whatevers (6-6), both at .500, by a single game. The series loss dropped the Tsunamis three games behind with twelve games left in the first half for the Asians.

The Tsunamis are in need of a series win to climb back into the race. The other four teams, however, are all in the thick of it and it continues to appear that the first half race will go down to the wire. The Otters appear to have the strongest team, on paper, but that does not preclude the Devils, Beefers, and Whatevers from having a shot at the first half title.