OAPBA 2021 First half Standings thru June 21

Taz Devils 1915.5591
(thru Monday, June 21)

Rod Caborn’s Beefers (22-16) continue to hang on to an uneasy first half lead with Dave Larson’s Taz Devils (19-15) only a game behind. After dropping three of four to the Tsunamis, Jonathan Stilwell’s Otters (15-15) have fallen three games behind with 10 games remaining.

The Beefs two-game sweep of their home-and away series against the Whatevers on Thurs., June 17, moved them into the lead, but the Bovines are nowhere close to a certainty to win the first half. The Beefers have only two games left in the first half, a home-and-away series with the Taz Devils in a series that potential could decide the first half title

The Tazzie have six games left. In addition to the Beefers, the Tazzies have home-and-away series with the Otters and the Whatevers.

After their surprising series loss at the hands of the Tsunamis, the Otters will likely need to win seven of their remaining 10 games to have a shot at the first half title. Still on the schedule for the Otters are a four-game home series vs. the Whatevers and three home-and-away series (Devils, Whatevers, and Tsunamis).

The Tsunamis are down to their final four games in the first half and are now out of the first half race. Left to play are two home-and-away series, one each with the Otters and the Whatevers.

Walt Taylor’s slumping Whatevers (11-17) may be out of the race, but will play a significant role in deciding who will prevail in the first half. The Whats have one four-game series remaining and will face the Otters in Altmonte Springs Frank Selee Field. The Whats also have three home-and-away series left to play, including four games against two of the front-runner. (Devils, Otters, Tsunamis).