2022 OAPBA First Half standings through May 15

Beefers 1911.633
Taz Devils128.6361

The Beefers (19-11, with their surprising sweep over Walt Taylor’s Whatevers (9-11), have revamped the standings and put the Beefs into the first half lead, but only one game in front of Dave Larson’s Devils, who took both ends of their home and away series on Sunday, May 15. In a statistical quirk, however, the Devils lead by percentage points, however, .636-.633.

Craig Dolan’s Tsunamis have continued to rise in the standings and are in third place, one game ahead of the Whats, who were swept in their last series by the Beefs . The slumping Otters (9-21 )are resigned to the cellar for the remainder of the first half, but are still a threat and are in a position to serve the role as a spoiler for any of the front-runners.